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Why using a sun umbrella makes REALLY smart sun protection sense

girl in bikini watching tennis under a sun umbrella to block the sun's UV rays
So you use an SPF daily? Terrific, everyone should.
I use one every single day. But SPF alone is not enough. Let me tell you why.
Most people don't apply enough SPF 
You should be applying approximately a shot glass (approximately 1.5 fl oz) of SPF to your face. And because you also need to protect your neck, chest, backs of hands (anything exposed essentially, you get the idea) you'll need a lot more. Most people simply don't do this.
You may need to apply your SPF 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Are you?
It depends. Ok, it depends on what exactly? The type of sunblock you are using and whether it is a chemical block or a physical block. Confused? Let me help.
Chemical sunblock 101
If you choose to use a chemical sunblock you will need to apply 20 minutes prior to exposure to allow it to absorb into the skin. The chemicals in the sunblock (carbon based compounds and chemical actives) absorb UV rays and convert them into heat which is then released from the skin. 
Mineral sunblock 101
Mineral sunblock uses mineral actives like zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide to create a physical barrier on your skin that blocks and reflects UV rays before they reach the skin's surface. Because this type of sunblock (my choice) sits on the top layer of the skin it is not absorbed by the skin and does not need to be applied 20 minutes in advance of exposure. 
Confusing right? So let's assume (and this is a REALLY BIG assumption) you are applying enough sunblock, you are fully protected right? WRONG.
You need to reapply your sunblock every 2 hours
And more frequently after swimming. The reality is most people are simply not doing this. There's simply not enough time in our busy days. 
Assuming you are one of the very rare people who is applying a shot glass full of sunblock every two hours (and more frequently if swimming & exercising), maybe you are good. But more likely you are not.
You've missed a spot
Yep, that is very likely. When you apply sunblock you need to get every single spot (including the ears, especially for men as this is a very common area for skin cancer, and the eyelids) and if you miss a bit you're unprotected.
All this sunblock adds up to a VERY expensive habit.
So, while I apply SPF daily I add a beautiful japarra sun umbrella for "skin insurance". I may have missed a spot, I might not have reapplied every two hours, I may have forgotten to apply it 20 minutes early when using a chemical sunblock. There's just too many ifs for me. Add some extra, lightweight sun protection to your skin care routine and your skin will thank you for it.
Wishing you great skin always,
Founder japarra.com