Exquisite sun protection. Protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun's rays and help to prevent sun damage and skin cancer.

About japarra umbrellas

Growing up in Australia I spent my childhood at the beach in the blistering sun. Sunburn was a right of passage and I was sunburnt every summer.

This was me then :) 

girl on a beach getting sunburnt

I didn't care much then, ok I really didn't care at all, but the price would be paid and it was harsh. Sun damage, sun spots, skin cancer, including melanoma and prematurely ageing skin. 

Over the years I've gradually become more aware, and much more informed, about the dangers of the sun's damaging UVA & UVB rays. I've invested in daily sunblock, tried to commit to the very expensive habit of reapplying it every two hours, and I always wore a hat.

I invested in expensive face creams, pricey SPFs, serums and facial treatments. I tried everything. All in an attempt to try to reverse the sun damage I already had and to try to prevent any further damage. But, any results I got were temporary, gone when I went back into the sun. 

But, I didn't want to stop going outside. I love being outside! It makes me feel happy, healthy and alive. I love the beach and I love hiking. I love watching my kids play sports. I love walking my dog! 

Then, while I was living in Japan, I started noticing the Japanese were using umbrellas and parasols to protect their skin from the sun. And, as I travelled and lived in other countries throughout Asia, I noticed people everywhere protecting their skin with umbrellas. Young and old. Man and woman. Their complexions were just beautiful. 

I also knew the evidence was unequivocal. UV rays from the sun are the primary cause of premature aging and skin cancer.

Using an umbrella is such a smart way to protect your skin and your investment in skincare. So, I started to use an umbrella every day, not instead of, but as an addition to, my skincare routine. The results were simply amazing. 

By reducing my sun exposure and protecting my skin from the sun I started to notice a significant improvement in my own skin. 

And my friends did too. They all wanted to know what I was doing? What was my secret? 

I've used a parasol in the sun for over 8 years now and I never leave home without one. I'll never go back to not using one. 

This is me now :)

lady holding a  sun protection umbrella

As the pigmentation and sunspots faded I realized an umbrella was an affordable and effective way to help protect your skin and the investment you make in skincare. 

My hunt for a beautiful umbrella began. It's a journey that has taken me from Australia to Japan, from Japan to Singapore, and finally to Silicon Valley, California where I live now. Over two and a half years, I obsessively set out to create an umbrella I would be proud to take, and use, anywhere. One you would be proud to take anywhere. 

At first, all the umbrellas I found were made for the rain. And most of them were in black. Who sent the memo that all umbrellas should be black? And, if they weren't black, they came in a few solid colors with rarely a print to be found. And then, there was lots of advertising of brands going on! When did I agree to be a walking advertisement? They weren't for me. They weren't for any of the women I knew. 

And, to make matters worse, the umbrellas I found were made from plastic, nylon, polyester, pongee, and other nasty, environmentally toxic materials, with hundreds of thousands ending up in landfills each year.

I thought I could do better.

I sourced premium, high density, tight weave 100% cotton in beautiful prints from all over the world. 

I designed, tested, and carried the parasols in all sorts of conditions all over the world. Want to see? Have a look at the journey on Instagram @japarraumbrellas

I am obsessed with the mission of providing beautiful shade and helping people everywhere to protect their skin. 

If you are going to commit to great skin by using an umbrella, it needs to be beautiful.

japarra umbrellas checks those boxes and more. 

I really hope you buy one. You'll love it.  And, you deserve the upgrade. 

Wishing you great skin always, 

Penelope xx