Exquisite sun protection. Protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun's rays and help to prevent sun damage and skin cancer.

Why japarra is bringing back the parasol for sun protection

woman opening a lightweight, portable sun umbrella parasol to protect her against the damaging UV sun rays that cause burning and premature aging
We are bringing back the parasol. Specifically the japarra parasol. Elegant, beautiful and limited edition. Just the way we like it :)
These stunning umbrellas in gorgeous prints are a lightweight (less than 300 grams), beautiful accessory used to block the sun. They are made from tightly woven, premium cotton sourced from around the globe and they have an easy to hold beautiful bamboo "J" handle.
But that's just how they look :)
While they look stunning I use them for what they do. And that is help block the harsh rays of the sun. Because we all love the sun, just not on our face. Japarra umbrellas complement your existing skincare routine to help you protect your skin, and your investment in skincare, from the harsh UVA rays that cause aging and the harsh UVB rays that cause burning.
I take my japarra umbrella wherever I go. To the shops, to the beach or on a hike. You get the idea. They make smart sun protection sense and they look great too :)
Wishing you great skin always,
Penelope xx
Founder, japarra umbrellas